Sunday, 3 November 2013

tour w trust fund

me and ellis are going on tour tomorrow you can see us play at the following places

mon 4 nov - redhouse, S H E F F I E L D
wed 6 nov - empty shop, D U R H A M
thur 7 nov - santiagos, L E E D S 
fri 8 nov - bay horse, M A N C H E S T E R
sat 9 nov - cafe kino, B R I S T O L 
mon 18 nov - cherry reds, B I R M I N G H A M
tue 19 nov - rumsey wells, N O R W I C H 
wed 20 nov - house show, B R I G H T O N

Monday, 27 May 2013

nedm lyric sheet


in the car back from town
i felt like breaking/braking 
you kept your head down
is that a word i couldn't say?

these bedrooms are strangers
and we slept in corners all over the country 
but i meant to warn you that if you escape 
from everything keep your heart 
in the other compartment and i'll be reading
your horoscope for eight years to come 

in ~2 seconds

put a hand across your mouth
when you talk about the scene
you're 23 and write this down 
as you drive north you're playing
the same shows again and i won't be the one 

in ~2 seconds, say it all 


i might go riding again
i will take a bad fall this time
i might go riding again
i will take a bed for all this time

your heart beats, makes it real
my mind leaps to believe what i feel 

salthund, i am


seems like you got stranded between

i've got my father's tongue and my mother's tired tired eyes
the glasses hum in the cupboards, in the kitchens
but there's no longer a church in the distance
there's no longer a church in the distance but

you spend your summers on the island of andros
well i am greece and i need another bail out mum 
and i will wave from the coast as your boat sails out
i will wave from the coast as your boat sails out

stay faithful to the night 
play humble but get it right
you didn't know back then
you didn't know how to 


i don't want no hype
pulling on my shirt sleeve after
i don't want to fight 
i just want to see you suffer

in spain i threw my cds out of the hotel window
in the hope they would land on someone i loved
and then my heart went running back to single
two singles wasn't enough for me
if i have to put it bluntly

i'm not too cynical to feel bad here 
the mountain's a pinnacle
an open tier
and i'm not too cynical to feel bad here
the good times were clinical
an open tier 

the city is as cold as you want it to be

in your days we got far 
arrest me now, send me down

i never knew what to say to you
i never knew what to wear
eating the apple cores is such shit
i hope you're all better now 

the city is as cold as you want it to be
there's hope in the harbour there's hope in the trees
if this heart keeps beating on 
i hope you're all better now 


hold on to your hats
we will summon one last chance
with your notes and orders
we will slaughter whatever you want
take me to the great plains
i am ready, i am ready 

i won't be set into your days
no one else knows the way to
no one else knows the way


you are as tough as the hills
the houses that we grew up in

the hair on my arm will grow thick as the tree trunks
when i put my hands around his neck

open it and let your whole world reappear 
the envelope is torn and you won't shed a tear


what if we burnt all our hands warming them by the fire
what if i had been warned not to trust my desire
because your hands weren't hungry as i pushed them down
your shoulders were not heavy as i climbed on top
your feet were like a babies' and i crawled underneath

and you got all the bullshit out of my system
we went to your sister's and she'd been sunburnt
i fell asleep on her sofa for about forty minutes
and i forgot where i was for awhile

my hands weren't hungry as you pushed them down
my shoulders were not heavy as you climbed on top
my feet were like a babies'

and her heart was not a child's til i came along


why can't we grow up / live in the garden / never get tired 

the first time that i saw circles in the branches and every time since then i've tried to remember the exact location it's always in winter the trees cracked and naked 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thursday, 25 April 2013

singles artwork

this is almost definitely what artwork for the singles from the album will look like. the drawings are by meg woof she did them in response to the album kind of. they were originally going to be included in the album artwork somehow but feel happier with having them on their own in this format bc they are bloody lovely thanks meg. singles will probably only be released digitally unless someone wants to make this into a physical object somehow that would be nice. hnh is a newish song and shores is a pretty old song. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

italy (cameraphone/ten unsent tweets)

just wanna be the first to get on this shitty ryanair flight fgs

think livia just told me the venue tonight make their own pasta feel confused

where am i what is everyone saying

feel like livia might 'lose her shit' tonight

 pretty sure i heard someone say 'tutti frutti' earlier lol

think i had a dream last night that kurt cobain came back from the dead and he was a total dick

we have sat nav set to 'old italian lady' 

met francesco's gran and she touched my arms and shoulders a lot and gave me a small glass of fizzy red drink 

listened to nirvana version of molly's lips maybe 15 times in the last few days

wow this tower is totally not straight

Monday, 8 April 2013

stuff is happening/has happened

everything for album mail outs is nearly ready. sorry it is later than i initially thought. was hoping to have the vinyl ready for beginning of april but stuff was gradually delayed and the guys who are making it have a super busy month because of record store day on 20th. ppl who have ordered might actually receive vinyl on 4/20 tho nice i will try to make this happen. have played a few shows recently. two with a band formation of ellis (trust fund), grace (the middle ones, expensive) and steve (i know i have no collar, boxcar alduos huxley, a load of other bristol bands). also played on my own for a poetry reading thing which happened in my house. the ppl who read at it were diane marie, giles ruffer, crispin best, ashleigh cook, natalie chin, livia francini, laurens verdonkschot, vicki tingle and stacey teague. it was nice here is a cool photo amy liptrot took. 

i am going to italy this week to play some shows in tuscany feel nervous about flying on my own i normally have a 'responsible adult' with me when i go on trips. also i have ordered 80 blank pink cassettes for the covers tape which was promised to ppl who pre-ordered i'm going to dub them next week i guess once i get back from italy. the tracklisting will be: i luv the valley oh (xiu xiu) emo (blink 182) less talk more rock (propagandhi) make this a holiday (small brown bike). i am reading john cheever's journals he is sad guy a lot but also v funny and wise sometimes.