Sunday, 6 May 2012

great plains

feel like i have little to no idea what will be happening in 6 - 12 months time. can we map it out though i have got a pen and loads of blank sheets of A4. do you like it when people dance rough at shows? i would be interested in embarking on various adventures. i think there are plenty of ways of enjoying music without barging into people. is this still the best option we have come up with. after all this time and engagement. ok let's just push each other about in a non threatening way. great. see you at the front guys. do you want to carefully discuss the end? let's ignore the options. i prefer standing still to dancing btw. i am really into lying down and letting the music something something. tbh if i could bite your stomach and fall asleep here with spit drying on my face then ok. take me to the great plains. i am ready.

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