Wednesday, 11 April 2012

why diy sucks in 2012

i am at my parents house. i am letting my coffee cool to perfect drinking temperature while i do things on the internet. think maybe i should write an angry blog post called 'why diy sucks in 2012'. immediately feel exhausted by this idea. think maybe i should cover one of your band's songs but change the words so it's about how much i still love you. feel like this would be a waste of time/needlessly upsetting. think maybe i should ring you up and start crying. seems like a good idea but i find it very hard to cry even when i am upset. the last time i cried was when i had just moved to london last summer and i had been up all night drinking and went to bed at about 7am with the radio on. the radio said that it was the anniversary of martin luther king's death and this made me cry. before that the last time i cried was when i watched 'three colours blue' for the first time. think i was drunk again but cried pretty hard for about 20 minutes. before that the last time i cried was when i was visiting a friend in scotland in 2009 (?) and told her about stuff that had happened to you when you when you were younger and then started crying really badly for like an hour or something. i was probably pretty drunk then also. not sure when i last cried sober.

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