Wednesday, 4 April 2012

tallinn music week

people involved in the event are made to feel more important than they are.

enjoy your hotel and free lunch this is almost like playing at a music festival in estonia.

i can't shake the feeling that everyone here is pretending to be at a music festival.

estonia you are glowing beacon of culture.

the whole event seems like an extravagant war on our own insignificance.

here we are, brave cultural representatives of the uk.

our names will be whispered by children and their children's children.

welcome to the 'delegate bar' welcome to the 'vip area'

all these 'independent music managers' thought about it hard until it manifested itself.

it's not real but that doesn't matter just don't lean on the scenery.

don't talk to anyone on the flight home because none of this actually happened.

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