Friday, 27 April 2012

okay spotz...

i played a gig in camberwell last night and there was a zine which some people had made which had my face on it and this interview inside it.

Your new album is called NOT EVEN DOOM MUSIC. Why?

on April 12, 2006 Titanium-Gecko left the now-legendary comment on Spotz's test site"Okay Spotz. Since you do not "condone" burning kitten your sites have been 3'D until further notice. Still... nothing justifies 5'ing burning kittens. Not even Doom music."

You have made several trailers for NOT EVEN DOOM MUSIC. Discuss. 

i wrote a really long response to this, but probably this says it in more concise and visually appealing way 

Would you say the Wreck is too big a venue for you? According to your blog - - you prefer house shows. 

the wreck is vaguely house like i think. there is something about playing to a v. small room full of people that feels nice though. i like it when people listen i think. 

I think the beautiful glossy dry girl is really beautiful, don't you? 

totally, heck. where is she tho? where's my grrrrrl? 

If you had the opportunity to lose your virginity again, with whom and how would you lose it?

wow what a great question i would lose it tonight with anyone #freshstart 

People on the internet have called your music "harrowing" "bleak" "gloomy" and "frightening." What the eff is wrong with you and why don't you just write some jams that people can sing along to? 

those people are just idiots who think optimism is a good thing. but honestly if i could write a good time song (ignition remix by r kelly for instance) i would. it's not really in my musical vocabulary though. 

Why do you talk about your peen so much? 

i can't help it i;m so soryy jack. 

Is your music political? And what does political mean to you?

feel like everything is probably political. political means sticking it to the woman. 

You received 1 star from Artrocker, to quote "As the album wears on, each track becomes utterly predictable; Follow Your Heart is the art of playing it safe taken to its logical and terrible conclusion. And why, for the love of God, does it need a digital handclap?" Have you taken their criticisms on board for NOT EVEN DOOM MUSIC?

yes i was thinking about this yesterday because there are like an absolute shit ton of digital hand claps on the new record which i think is probably on some level a reaction to this review. 

What do you hope to achieve by making music and to what extent do you think this great gig opportunity at the Wreck will help you "make it"?

idk if i want to achieve anything specific. i like traveling and it is nice when you get to travel and do music and not lose money. if i sell a few cds that would be nice and would help me make dinner. also if anyone knows of any jobs going in SE that would be good. 

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