Friday, 2 March 2012

more or less takes care of futurism

i am kind of hungover. my friend made me food last night. i drank 3 beers and half a bottle of wine. i am not as resilient as i used to be. we talked about writing and music a lot. he is writing poems using google translate at the moment, putting a text through 4 different languages then all the way back to english again. one of the texts he is using is the futurist manifesto. although i have read a little bit about the futurists i had never read the manifesto so i did that today. you can read it here. i liked bits of it a lot.  "Do you want to waste the best part of your strength in a useless admiration of the past, from which you will emerge exhausted, diminished, trampled on?" was a good bit. i find their celebration of violence interesting. i think what my friend is trying to do (via google translate) is to bastardize the futurist manifesto into something romantic or at least contradictory to its original message. i look forward to reading what he is working on. i think we encourage each other to do more stuff (like music, writing etc) by discussing what  we have been working on/thinking about. it is a positive feedback loop or something. he also showed me some videos of different asian american poets he is into. i can't remember their names though if i could i would post some of the videos here. i showed him this video of frank o'hara because i was drunk and it seemed like a good idea. when i got home there was a bowl of cheerios on the side that someone had poured and then just left there. i put milk on them and ate them.

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