Sunday, 4 March 2012

cheryl cole is a biiatch

i went to party with some people last night. some of them were my friends but most of them were people i didn't know. i was tagging along i think. there was a bit near the beginning where everyone started dancing in someone's bedroom and i felt very self conscious of my 'dancing ability'. some of these people were quite serious about dancing. idk i felt comfortable dancing maybe once in the whole evening. i think i did the steve roggenbuck crystal castles dance a bit just because i didn't know what else to do. i also tried out a dance where you hold your drink to face as if you are really hot and just sway back and forth. i think it went quite well. 8 out of 10 maybe. oftentimes in these kind of situations i have to keep thinking about my own achievements so i don't feel completely out of place. i have to keep telling myself things. it doesn't seem good or natural. the best part of the evening was getting a taxi home with 6 other people who i didn't know and the taxi driver being absolutely amazing. he got angry to begin with because the girl in the front seat was real drunk and started hitting the dashboard to emphasize what she was saying. after he confronted her a bit he really lightened up and i think there were some sparks flying between them. he told her that swearing was her hobby and that she should go into standup. then he told us that he once drove cheryl cole from the airport and she was a real biiatch. he said a lot of other really funny things that i can't remember and when we went over the thames he drove really slow because one of the people in the taxi had only been to london once before and we got to see tower bridge slowly and really take in the view. i thought i don't care if i never see any of these people again but i didn't feel bad or good really just normal.

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