Saturday, 10 March 2012

effing drowning over here

i have not slept since yesterday as i am resetting my sleeping pattern due it getting all effed up over the last couple of weeks. i woke up at 5 or 6 pm yesterday and decided to stay up all night. i had a coffee at about midnight then a couple of beers a bit later to keep me going. i worked on my cv some and looked for jobs and ma courses online. it was nice it felt like i was gaining time or that i had stopped it for a bit. once you start getting really tired time does strange slow and fast things like 20 minutes will last for ages then 3 hours will go really quickly. i ate instant noodles at around 2 am but kind of messed up cooking them. i tried to make it into a noodle soup or something and it ended up being a little gross. felt overwhelmed at least twice during the night about how many great things are happening online/irl. felt disconnected and connected at the same time. felt like i should do more and i should do less. it is lunchtime now i feel ok.

just went to investigate a dripping noise and it seems like our house is leaking/potentially collapsing quite soon.

rang estate agent they said to put a bucket down and wait til monday.

put down one bucket doesn't seem entirely adequate. worried the whole water tank is going to come through the damp, sagging ceiling and land on the cat or something.

it is basically raining inside our house.

estate agents really don't care about us as human beings.

might stick a broom handle into the damp, sagging ceiling and flood the entire house.

sudden leaks appearing in the walls. the walls are weeing.

walking coke zero advert charlie alex march needs to come home and sort this out.

estate agent woman came round after repeated phone calls/someone actually walking to the estate agent to tell her how bad it was.

said 'i just don't know how much water is up there' as we stood in the hallway inspecting the blister like swelling above us.

offered to climb up into the attic and 'sort it out' while the woman was on the phone to the plumber. think lack of sleep/food is effecting my decision making.

charlie alex march has not returned but he did leave the estate agents an abusive answer phone message #myhero

plumber will be here 'around 8 maybe'. i am genuinely worried the wall/ceiling is going to start gushing uncontrollably before then.

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