Saturday, 17 March 2012

dogs of telegraph hill

i have had some nice times this week. on wednesday i went to the london launch of tim cockburn's poetry pamphlet 'appearances in the bentinck hotel'. tim is an old friend from norwich who now lives in nottingham. you can read about and buy his beautiful pamphlet here. i recommend you do this. matthew gregory, chrissie williams and theo best also read poems. i got the giggles badly during matthew's reading and had to bite my hand very hard to stop myself from disturbing the attentive atmosphere. the next day was sunny and i went to the park with matthew tim and ed. there were loads of dogs around. i had an idea to produce a calendar called 'the dogs of telegraph hill' and sell it to all the young families/dog owners in the creche/cafe near the park. seems like everyone in the area would want to get their dog into this very exclusive calendar.

i have started posting bits of old poems on here (see below). these are from the final year of my degree i am just posting the bits i still like. it is quite nice to see them separate from their original context and all jumbled together.

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