Friday, 9 March 2012

darby and joan

around christmas time my mum and auntie were going through loads of stuff that has been stored at my parents house since my grandma died and her house was cleared/sold. i put some home cassette recordings my great grandparents had made onto cd so the cassettes could eventually be thrown away i guess. one of the things was this song they recorded to celebrate their wedding anniversary. not sure when this would have been from. i am guessing in the 60s or 70s as i think they were already quite old. the lyric 'shadow and sun for everyone' has really stuck with me since then. it seems like a very honest sentiment. i think the song they are singing is called 'darby and joan'. according to wikipedia 'darby and joan is a proverbial phrase for a married couple content to live a quiet shared life'. it originated from a poem written by henry sampson woodfall in 1735. i am not sure to what extent my great grandparents were 'a married couple content to live quiet shared life'. the song seems funny and sad at the same time. anyway the words my great grandparents are singing are from a later poem by frederick edward weatherby... i guess they missed out the middle verse because it is about losing a child. i really like the lines that start 'ah lad' i think i like the way my great grandma sings them. 

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